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Zenebatos, also called The Law City, was where all of the Wingly laws were made. It remains intact at the time of the game, as the simple robots known as "Lapto" go on fulfilling their prime directives without their wingly masters. Whether Winglies once populated this city, or whether robots and machines were always its only residents is unknown, but when Dart and his allies visit it, there are no living sentient beings to be found there; just monsters and robots.


Much as the party might prefer to leave the place behind them, they are unable to pass through it until officialdom has been satisfied. It is currently against the Law to go where they want to go. Fortunately, changing the Law is considerably easier than trying to break it, and after dodging robot policemen and monsters, Dart and party find the right Law Office.

The code numbers of laws to be altered are entered at the Legislation Center. Law Production Licenses are given to the Law Factory. Law Launching Licenses allow the amendments of Laws to be enacted.

Changing the Laws Edit

To change any law the player has to interact with the robotic inhabitants. First, head to the Legislation Center. Once you make it past the guards get in line . . . yeah. If you are the first in line, stay behind the blue line, if you are anything but first, get behind the first Lapto you can. Under no circumstance should you cross the blue line until it is your turn to speak or you will have to get back in line and wait. Once it is your turn, head to the center and hit X. If it is your first time here, they will ask if you want to create a bill. Answer "No" and answer "Yes" to amending the bill. Enter the bill number you wish to amend and, when they tell you, leave.

From here go to the Law Factory. Past the guards, talk to the Lapto in-front of the large screen. He will take your Law License and give you another license. Leave here and go to the last place; the Law Launcher. Again, make your way past the guards and once you arrive get on the moving platform. Eventually you will fly to some Lapto that will take your Law Launching License. He'll tell you to move and, like that, your chosen law has been revised.

Amendments Edit

Not all the possible amendments to laws are useful:

  • Wingly Code 339: Shops adjacent to the Law Factory shall henceforth Cease and Desist from engaging in lawful Trade with Non-Winglies[1]
  • Wingly Code 410: Activation of Teleport to City: Mayfil[2] (after the party overcomes the Three Executioners)
  • Wingly Code 640: Waiting in Line to Pass a Law is Hereby Suspended[1][2]
  • Wingly Code 659: Apprehension of Intruders by Robot Policemen Hereby Suspended.[1][2]
  • Wingly Code 666: Martial Law being suspended, incursion by humans into the City of Zenebatos shall not be hindered by the placement of monsters within the City Limits of Zenebatos[1] (after the party overcomes the Three Executioners)[2]
  • Wingly Code 703: Transportation to Signet Sphere Enabled[1][2]

If Dart and Co. never get caught by the robot police, there is no way to get down to the jail level. So it is recommended that the player get caught at least once. It only takes a minute, less on successive visits, and there are two chests down there.


200 Gold
200 Gold Chest Zenebatos
Night Raid
Night Raid Chest
Down Burst
Down Burst Chest
Gravity Grabber
Gravity Grabber Chest
Frozen Jet
Frozen Jet Chest
Burning Wave
Burning Wave Chest Zenebatos
Spectral Flash
Spectral Flash Chest
Flash Hall
Flash Hall Chest
Spirit Cloak
Spirit Cloak Chest
Rainbow Dress
Rainbow Dress Chest


Random encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Death Purger Darkness 583 666 134 22 8
Guillotine Darkness 622 777 160 41 13
Harpy Wind 600 750 192 48 16
Professor Wind 869 999 176 54 18
Sky Chaser Wind 680 850 128 30 10

Boss encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Kubila Darkness 4,800 6,000 4,000 300 300
Selebus Darkness 6,400 8,000 4,000 300 300
Vector Darkness 5,600 7,000 4,000 300 300

The gold and experiance is from the three bosses combined.

Monsters in previous areas have had more HP, nearly three times as much in some cases, and have given 300xp each encounter, where Zenebatos ones give 400 XP.

Main Battle at the Great Court, Signet Sphere Edit

One of the more elaborate encounters in the game, as one might expect from a team of three. If the player has the power and resources to handle it, making this fight last long enough to see some of the Dark Judge's special abilities is recommended. Kubila is definitely the greater threat to characters with low magic resistance, but Vector only has two abilities; once they are viewed he just slows the process down, and keeps Selebus busy giving him moral support rather than doing her specials.

Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough Part 133 - Vector, Selebus, Kubila10:59

Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough Part 133 - Vector, Selebus, Kubila


Executioners Vector, Selebus, Kubila

  • Vector: A slow attacker, he crouches and springs and crawls back to his position like the Bandit Mappi; his scissors hit fairly hard. Selebus can make him grow to gigantic size, with a corresponding boost in damage,[3] and the ability to grab a team member, chew on them vigorously, and then spit them out. He takes a good deal of damage from physical attacks.
  • Kubila: Floating on black wings, he selects spells from his grimoire to cast, including spells that affect the whole party.[4] His scythe swings are weak, but he can cause status effects. Among other spell effects, he cuts a door to another dimension with his scythe; the head and claws of a toad-like reptile attack from within, an ability reminiscent of Rose's Death Dimension.[5][6] Kubila can use an instant death attack; he drops a Dolmen-like gravestone on a target, whereupon a laser beam etches R.I.P. (Rest in Peace) on it. He tends to use this when any of the Dark Judges is killed, on a random party member.[5][7] While this attack's effect can be countered with the Talisman or similar equipment, since it targets randomly, all three party members have to be wearing such an item, in lieu of other benefits. Dragoon form will NOT prevent the Can't Combat ailment status, despite previous assumptions. If this is cast on a dragoon, they will pop out of form and then die normally,;[4][8] one person with a Special can turn all the party into Dragoons at once.


  • Selebus: Flying with a triple set of wings. She darts from side to side, spreads her wings, and with a quiet popping sound effect, instantly restores over a thousand HP to Kubila and Vector, but not herself;[5][9] she will actually attempt this same ability even if the other two are dead. Her kiss inspires Vector to grow to a giant.[3] She summons a small patch of dark hands to grow out of the ground like mushrooms, whose gestures in turn cause a damage spell. She has a physical attack, which sends four elastic tentacles to grab an opponent and pull them to the ground before her for very weak damage.[5][10] She does a status attack that leaves its victim petrified[5][11] She can send glowing musical notation towards the party as an eerie distorted humming sounds, causing status effects.[4][12]


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