Location Element
Death City, Mayfil Darkness
US 12,000
JAP 15,000
12,000 300
Attack Defense Counter
140 140 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
99 170 60
Item dropped
Healing Rain (100%)

Zackwell is a boss with elaborate animation on the theme of demonic possession, death and decay. He is encountered in Mayfil; and was the one who had possessed the soul of Lavitz Slambert. After battle, he drops a halberd.

Possessing LavitzEdit

In the Death City Mayfil, Dart and the party find Lavitz, but he is acting strangely. He runs away, and when followed, it is shown that Lavitz is possessed by, as Rose identifies, Devildom.

When possessed, Lavitz's skin turns a ghostly light blue and his lance turns into the demonic Halberd. His shirt is gone; however, there is now a strange creature attached to his back. It controls Lavitz's movements until his friends talk to him; this gives Lavitz momentary control, whereupon the Devildom lashes back at Lavitz, causing him pain. Damage can only be done to the creature after Lavitz turns around in confusion.

When the Devildom is defeated by the party it shatters in a web of purple lightning and Lavitz collapses. Suddenly a dark cloud forms over him and a demonic figure emerges from the black fog.


Ghost Lavits with devildom parasite

The Devildom parasite can be seen clearly when Lavitz turns his back to the party

The Devildom introduces himself as Zackwell and that he helped Lavitz's feelings of wanting to meet Dart and Albert again. It is clear that this is not the help that Lavitz wished for. After mocking Lavitz, Dart gets angry and attacks Zackwell and the next phase of the battle begins.

Zackwell wields a large wicked looking sickle. Zackwell has many gruesome abilities, a common one he uses is intaking breath and exhaling a large dark fireball that burns intensely. He can also attack with his weapon and flip the opponent over in a painful combo.

If he scratches his chest and wipes the blood on his weapon, it will promptly come to life and turn into a large skeletal being that breathes a toxic purple gas on the party. This weapon can also be used to pull out the soul of a target and render them unable to battle (the Can't Combat status ailment). It can also sink into the ground which makes it unable to be harmed by any attack, but Zackwell can still attack them.

The Death of ZackwellEdit

Lavitz overcomes Zackwell

Lavitz overcomes Zackwell

After being defeated in this form, Zackwell once again takes on the form of a parasite on Lavitz's back. This time Lavitz had no control and is purely driven by the Devildom.

Once again wielding the demonic Halberd, Zackwell possessed Lavitz makes several jabs at Dart and disarms him. Now defenseless, Dart holds his arms out and yells out his friend's name as he is about to make the finishing stab. Lavitz starts to take over for just a mere moment and using that moment, he impales himself through the chest.

This kills the Devildom once and for all as Zackwell dies and has no host body to feed off of. Without an attachment to his soul anymore, Lavitz begins to return to the afterlife, but not before using his last strength to lead them to the Signet Sphere.

Lavit showed the way using light from his energy

Lavit revealed the way using the last of his energy


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