Location Element
Mountain of Mortal Dragon Wind
US 594
JAP 680
120 US 45
JAP 15
Attack Defense Counter
80 160 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
69 100 80
Item dropped
Down Burst (8%)

Wyvern is a Wind element creature of which is located within the Mountain of Mortal Dragon. This is the most powerful creature in this area.


The Wyvern appears a slim and agile looking, grey skinned, flying dragon with two large wings. Upon the ends of each wing is situated two large claws nearly the length of the wing. It has two horns on its head and large teeth. The tail is very long with spikes on the end, and from the bottom of the tail up to the top of its head are red markings of which glow. Finally, it has two large tallons.

Wyvern with red markings on back

Wyvern with red markings along it's back


This creature deals medium to high physical damage potential and has high magic damage dealing potential. Also it has the highest health of enemies in this location and attacks frequently. Be a little cautious with this enemy due to it's ability to do All-Out Attack, which can do up to half your max health or more depending on characters, levels, and gear. The spell item Rave Twister that it uses has high magic damage towards all opponents so be warry, especially since it spams that once health is critical. Magic damage works more potently on this enemy than physical due to it's higher defence, and if delt with earth spell items and from someone such as Kongol, can lead to 1-hit KO's.

  • Sharp Edge - Flies towards a single opponent and slashes them with it's tail dealing medium physical damage.
  • Charging Spirit - Prepares to do either special or All-Out Attack with a 50% givin probability.
  • All-Out Attack - Flies towards a single target slashing with it's tail dealing heavy physical damage.
  • Rave Twister - High damage dealing potential spell item casted upon all targets.

Do note, you can fight up to two of these at once.

Encounter rate: Rare

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Wyvern.

  • Wyvern


This creature can drop the spell item Down Burst with a rare probability of 8%. This spell item is the most powerful wind element variation and attacks all, without repeatedly pressing X too, so it is fairly good all around. The item can be bought at the end of the fourth disc for 20 gold, so it's all a matter of if you need it for a specific reason. If not, there is no reason to try and obtain them unless by accident because it averagely takes 30 minutes or more to obtain one. This varies per person, however.


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