Wounded Bear
Wounded Bear
Location Element
Evergreen Forest Earth
US 560
JAP 700
96 US 60
JAP 20
Attack Defense Counter
70 140 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
50 40 60
Item dropped
Attack Ball (8%)

Wounded Bear is an earth element creature of which is located within Evergreen Forest. This is the most powerful creature in this location.


Wounded Bear is physically a very large foe completly covered in muscle. It's fur is brown and it has red eyes, it's paws all have massive claws at probably the length of a foot. It has a very small tail.


This creature deals at least twice as much damage as all the other opponents in this area. It's physical defence is rediculously high so it is recommended to use magic to defeat this, especially since it's element is earth. This opponent can inflict fear upon all allies at once, so it is recommended to have a Mind Purifier since with fear active, you may die in but a few hits. You will always fight Wounded Bear alone.

  • Nail Paws - Charges towards a single allie and swipes at them with both paws dealing massive physical damage.
  • Roar of Pride - Stands up and roars, dealing medium magical damage to all and inflicting Fear upon hit.

Do note that this creature is immune to fear.

Encounter rate: Very rare

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Wounded Bear.

  • Wounded Bear


This creater can drop the spell item Attack Ball with a rare probability of 8%. It is a decent item if you are fine with taking a risk. You cannot buy this item. Considering the rarity of this creature, trying to farm it for this item would be pointless where other creatures drop it and are much more common, however, the average time to obtain one here would be 30 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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