Role Third Sacred Sister
Home Town Mille Seseau

Wink is the Third Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau, and she helps to rule the kingdom with her three adopted sisters — Miranda, Luanna, and Setie — and her adopted mother, Queen Theresa.

She is first introduced in Donau, the flower city, in Tiberoa. Bandits attempted to assault her, but she was rescued by an obscure man, who introduced himself as Lloyd. After this meeting, Wink develops a soft spot in her heart for Lloyd. He saves her once again in the Evergreen Forest, where she was attacked by a hostile Wingly (the younger Bardel brother) on the way to check on her sister, Miranda. She takes him back to the Crystal Palace to get treated for his "wounds". Lloyd used her hospitality to get close to and kidnap Queen Theresa for the Divine Moon Object in her possession.

Originally following after the party to warn of Shana's kidnapping, she arrived at the center of the Tower of Flanvel at the climax of the battle. Realizing that Lloyd was about to be struck down, Wink intercepted Dart's attack, getting a wide gash across her back. Her reason for saving Lloyd was that she knew he was a good person.

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