There was a winged species living on the Continent of [Endiness]. Legend says that they once ruled the world.

-In-game material

The Winglies are the 107th species from the Divine Tree who ruled over the ancient world with Melbu Frahma as their leader, only for many of them to fall at the hands of the Humans in the Dragon Campaign.

Winglies are known by their platinum hair, and ability to fly. In scenes during the game, Winglies are shown being able to fly short distances on wings that appear at will. It is mentioned that the Winglies of Dart's time are less powerful than their ancestors, as they can no longer fly the vast distances. Notable Winglies include Lloyd, Lenus, Charle Frahma, Meru and her childhood friend Guaraha.

Wingly cities of the Wingly Circle could levitate. Winglies created teleporter networks so extensive they were used instead of stairs or elevators, although admittedly the nature of this magic is that it functions better, the shorter the distance traveled. Long distance teleportation requires much greater power, as Ancestor Blano requires help from other Winglies in the village to transport the Dragoons to Kadessa.

Winglies are adept at magic, and this is likely due in no small part by the Spartan practices of the long-past Wingly regime of Melbu Frahma. Part of the work of Deningrad's Birth City was killing Wingly babies that showed no aptitude for magic. With a talent as subtle as magic, this practice undoubtedly was an even more blunt instrument than deadly and brutal trials of strength were for the Spartans. Education and upbringing must be as important as natural ability, for magic, and how would the Winglies tell which babies were to respond most favorably, over their lifetime, to learning the magical teachings?

Evidence from the Dragoons' visit to the town of Ulara, hidden from human sight in the sands of the Death Frontier by Wingly magic, shows that Winglies may have a limited form of extra-sensory perception. Or it could conceivably be a power granted Meru by the Blue Dragoon Spirit, but she does not seem at all surprised by it. At any rate, before Rose uses her Choker to break the spell and reveal Ulara, Meru is able to sense the presence of life in what appears to everyone else as empty sands. It could be that Meru can only sense Winglies, but she does not say that either.

The ArchangelEdit

The Winglies believed in the Archangel, a supernatural being that looked after their people and enforced their way of life. While in the Moon That Never Sets, Meru is forced to fight the Archangel for siding with the humans and Dragoons.

Wingly CitiesEdit

The best known cities of the Winglies are Death City Mayfil, Royal Capital Kadessa, Law City Zenebatos, Magic City Aglis, and Birth City Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace was taken over by the humans after the Dragon Campaign and became the capitol city of Mille Seseau, Deningrad, the castle for Queen Theresa. It is here that Shana wanders into a strange room and loses her Dragoon Spirit. Also, when the Divine Dragon destroys the Palace, the Signet Sphere within is destroyed, furthering the breaking of the seal on the Moon That Never Sets.

Known WingliesEdit


  • Melbu Frahma - The Wingly leader during the time of the Dragon Campaign, he battled the original Dragoons and faced Zieg in single combat.
  • Lloyd - A platinum haired master swordsman and mastermind of several important events, loyal to the revived Diaz.
  • Lenus - Lloyd's lover and, temporarily, the Blue-Sea Dragoon. She steals the Moon Dagger to further Lloyd's ideals.
  • Meru - Assertive and ebulient to the point of hyperactivity; a member of Dart's company. Meru is the Blue-Sea Dragoon from the Wingly Forest.

The Wingly ForestEdit

  • Guaraha - An obediant but questioning Wingly that wishes to protect his ex-fiance, Meru, still loving her.
  • Younger Bardel - Holds great pride as a Wingly, very hot headed and bloodthirsty. Views humans and his brother as weak.
  • Elder Bardel - Despises humans and wishes to avenge his sister's death, but ultimately more open minded than his younger brother.
  • Ancestor Blano - The patriarch of the forest, he is very cautious of his family yet is proud of Meru's travels.
  • Meru's Mother - Missed Meru and supports her, she reveals the true feelings of Meru's father.
  • Meru's Father - Disowned Meru, very square-headed. Secretly happy on her return. "She's a failure, but she's MY failure."
  • Sister Bardel - The baby sister of the Bardel brothers that left the forest following Meru's inspiration and was killed by humans.

Ulara, Spring Breath TownEdit

  • Charle Frahma - Elder sister to the Wingly leader Melbu Frahma; for centuries she played a dangerous game of secret treachery against her genocidal brother, all the while maintaining his trust and an eccentric innocence.
  • Caron - Gatekeeper of the long distance teleporters.
  • Miata - A friend of Rose.

Magic City AglisEdit

Tower of FlanvelEdit

  • Magician Faust - Second in command of Melbu Frahma during the Dragon Campaign and ruler of the Tower of Flanvel.