Location Element
Snowfield Thunder
US 720
JAP 900
120 US 36
JAP 12
Attack Defense Counter
79 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
65 60 50
Item dropped
Giganto's Ring (2%)

Wildman is a Thunder element creature of which is located within Snowfield.


Wildman appears as very large, blue, frostbitten skinned humanoid wearing a cloth. This enemy has blue spikey toes and a massive spike sticking out from it's hear. Apparently it has a single large eyeball and two long pointed ears. The spots on it's body are probably patches that have been fully frozen.


This creature isn't particularly powerful even though it's health and damage is both high. It is very slow and rarely deals more than you can handle in damage, however, once you start to hurt it, thereafter it will spam Thunderbolt repetitively, damaging everyone for medium damage. This creature at least is probably the most straight forward opponent in this area.

  • Double Chop - Walks towards a single target smacking them with both hands dealing medium to high physical damage.
  • Thunderbolt - Deals medium thunder element magical damage towards all targets.

Encounter rate: Rare

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Wildman.

  • Wildman
  • Wildman + Bowling


This opponent can drop the Giganto's Ring with a very rare probability of 2%. It can be a very useful item considering it raises the wearers physical attack and defence each by 20 points. This item can be bought for 1000 gold on the fourth disc or in the next location, Vellweb, on the third disc. Only because you can buy it in the next area, it would be recommended to do so rather than grind to obtain. The average time to recieve it here would be beyond an hour. This will vary per person, however, due to the creatures rarity, the drop rarity, the odds are very low.


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