White Ape
White Ape
Location Element
Snowfield Earth
US 500
JAP 600
144 US 51
JAP 17
Attack Defense Counter
91 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
65 80 50
Item dropped
Healing Potion (8%)

White Ape is an Earth element creature of which is located within Snowfield.


White Ape is as it sounds, a very large, white furred ape or at least some sort of yeti. It carries with it a large pillar of ice under one of it's arms. This opponent is the weaker cousin to the Mountain Ape, both of which are very similar creatures in battle to the enemy Strong Man. It's teeth are jagged and it has red eyes.


This creature deals hefty damage, so it is recommended to prioritise them. Once you start attacking them, don't ignore them or else they will just spam Snowball, which deals massive physical damage towards a single target. Enough even, to two or three hit a fully healed character and defeat them. It's health isn't special and melee seems to work well against this creature, do note though that it's weaker to magic, also it's elemental weakness is earth. In general you shouldn't have too much trouble so long as you dispose of these creatures fairly rapidly.

  • Heavy Weapon - Marches towards a single target smashing down upon them with a large ice pillar dealing medium physical damage.
  • Snowball - Grabs a snowball from the ground and tosses it towards a single target dealing massive physical damage.
  • Escape - Flee's from the battle field.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a White Ape.

  • White Ape
  • White Ape x2 + Bowling


This creature can drop the item Healing Potion with a rare probability of 8%. These items are ok to recieve randomly as spoils from battle, however, you probably won't use them now that your inventory is loaded with Healing Fog, and maybe even Healing Rain. Healing Potions can be bought for 10 gold. The average amount of time it will take to retrieve these is between 10 and 20 minutes, this will however vary per person.


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