Volcano Villude 1

Volcano Villude (ヴィルード火山, Virūdo kazan, "Wild Volcano") is the second area you must pass through from Hoax to Lohan, the first being the Marshlands. Right as the party walks into the foothills of the volcano, the Fire Bird appears and chases them into a magma cavern. You then must make your way through the volcano and kill two bosses, a Wounded Virage and the Fire Bird.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

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Firebird flying towards Dart and friends as they run from it

Death of a DragonEdit

After making their way through the Marshlands, the group arrives to Volcano Villude. As they walk into the area they are stopped by a quake. The quake is caused by Fire Bird as it rises from the ground. Dart asks if they "can just let it go." Rose explains that it is up to Fire Bird. He takes notice of them and flies at them. The group runs down below to take cover from the creature.

Wounded Virage statue form

Shana being called by the Virage

The party traveles through with no interuptions until, while at the lava pool, Shana is called by some force in a different direction. Dart follows her and finds Shana infront of some large statue like thing. Dart walks near it but Shana tells him not to go near it. Rose agrees with Shana because the Virage is still alive. Rose then explains that the Virage were the Winglies response to the Dragoons. Shana wonders how it could still be alive. As it starts to move, Rose assumes its from a hatred of humans or a vendetta against Dragoons and a battle ensues. Once Dart gives it the finishing blow the Virage falls in the lava behind it. As the others leave in fear, Rose stands at the edge and watches the Virage sink into the pit until Dart call for her.

As the party continues their trek through Volcano Villude, they hear a call for help. They rush to the sound and find a man precariously hanging from a ledge by the strands of his clothes. Dart and Shana help the man up and he thanks them graciously by giving them a Sapphire Pin. The man introduses himself as Dabas of Lohan and explains that he was looking for a "Burning Gem." He finishes by saying he has an antique shop and suggest that his heros drop by if they are ever in Lohan and then takes off.

Fire Bird Traps Dart and Friends with Fire

Dart and friends confronts Fire Bird again

In their last strech through Volcano Villude, the group is finally confronted by Fire Bird. They try to escape but are unable and are forced to fight the firey creature. After they kill it, they leave but not before meeting Dabas one last time. Here, at the exit of Volcano Villude, the party is able to buy Items from Dabas before they go to the Nest of Dragon.


Item Shop Price
Healing Potion 10
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Dancing Ray 20
Pellet 10


Spear Frost Spear Frost Chest Volcano Villude
Mind Purifier Mind Purifier Chest Volcano Villude
Panic Guard Panic Guard Chest Volcano Villude
Saphire Pin Saphire Pin from Dabas
50 Gold 50 Gold Chest Volcano Villude


Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Magma Fish Fire 26 30 10 6 2
Red Hot Fire 40 50 14 6 2
Salamander Fire 41 40 17 9 3
Fire Spirit Fire 26 33 13 12 4



  • In the background of the ravine (screen before going to the lava pool) a dark figure can be seen moving in the background. This person is later revealed to be Dabas.
  • This is the only time the player is able to buy items form Dabas.
  • On the sign in the Marshlands in the English localization, the location is mistakenly named "Volcano Viludo".