The Virage Embryo, or the God of Destruction, is the 108th species to come from the Divine Tree planted by Soa. The Winglies seperated the God of Destruction's soul from his body in an effort to contain his power. Melbu Frahma personally kept his soul in a Crystal Sphere, while his sister Charle Frahma created five Signet Spheres to seal his body in the sky, becoming the Moon That Never Sets.

After the Crystal Sphere was destroyed during the Dragon Campaign, the God of Destruction's soul wandered the Earth possessing a Human child, the Moon Child, every 108 years in an effort to return to its body. The mission to destroy the Moon Child was taken up by Rose, who has thwarted the attempts to rejoin the body and soul of the God of Destruction for the past 11,000 years. Rose's task has evolved into the legend of the Black Monster.


This is quoted directly from The Legend of Dragoon, Sony Entertainment.
The flesh of the god, the flesh of the Virage Embryo was taken away from<*> the Winglies as the Moon That Never Sets that glows in the sky. And the soul of the god was captured in the Crystal Sphere and Melbu Frahma kept it. Yes, to withdraw unlimited magic power from that, and to conquer the other creatures...

...Silly humans destroyed the Crystal Sphere, which was the container of the soul along with the royal capital Kadessa. The Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction was exultant. It could now be born. The free soul released from the Crystal Sphere started to wander. In order to go back to the body left in the Moon That Never Sets, to be born as the last god, and to destroy the world. The soul without a body possesses a human body and heads for the Moon That Never Sets, by repeating the transmigration every 108 years.

However, even with unlimited magic power, the domination was not eternal. Humans arose with Dragoons in front. Nothing was their match because they obtained the power of the dragon. And finally, they drove Melbu Frahma into a corner. I felt certain of human... my victory. And it was in the next moment, the spell of petrification cast by Melbu captured me. I have waited for 11,000 years.

Time, almost eternal, dissolved the spell of Melbu. And I was released from captivity. Days spent with Rose became the eternal past. And I lived as the father of Dart in this age. Until the tragic day in Neet.

You now know. The soul of the God of Destruction is the Moon Child. The truth of the Moon Child in the legend. 'Count 108 years and when the Moon That Never Sets glares in red, the Moon Child descends to the earth and shall give a holy blessing to the world.' The 'Holy blessing' is the destruction. The destruction is Soa's will. This is...the fate that rules the future of the world.

But, there was one Dragoon who found out about it. In order to deter the birth of the God of Destruction, she has had to kill the Moon Children. By stopping her own time. She was even called a demon. That is the true self of Rose...The Black Monster!!

...All is the will of the god Soa...My hands start the world, and my hands end the world. Yes! Fate desires it."

-Melbu Frahma, controlling the body of Zieg Feld, addressing Dart and his companions in the city of Vellweb.