Violet Dragon Armor
User Haschel
Purchasable Yes
Price 800 Gold
Defense 45
Effects Nullify thunder damage
Drops N/A
Location The Moon That Never Sets

Violet Dragon Armor is the most powerful and final armor attainable by Haschel. This armor cannot be dropped by any foe wether random encounterable or boss and also cannot be found within any treasure chests. Unfortunatly, it can only be purchased, at a single location in the entire game, and to make it even worse, the location is beyond the point of no return.

How to getEdit

There is only a single method, being to purchase it within an inn inside The Everlasting Moon. Once inside the inn, you will notice a merchant on the upper right hand corner, above the stairs, who sells equipment. It is 800 Gold each. This is way beyond the point of no return, so unfortunately like the Golden Dragon Armor, you cannot use it down in The Contenent Endiness.


This armor is highly recommended once it immediatly becomes availlable considering how good it is for stats and the great elemental bonus of being completely immune to thunder damage. It also proves to be beneficial against monsters such as Mad Skull, Melbu Frahma. Considering the very elevated defenses, it would also be usefull in general for the enemies of beyond the point of no return.


Description Location
The Everlasting Moon, inside the inn. Sold by the equipment vendor in the upper right hand corner.
Violet Dragon Armor in Store

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