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Vellweb was the capital city of the humans during the Dragon Campaign. It's a very large city capable of housing tens of thousands of people. There are seven towers in the center of the city, which were the homes of the Dragoons. There is also a huge cannon of sorts near the entrance to the city which was used to shoot large arrows at the Tower of Flanvel.

Much like Kadessa it's a mere ruin and is now home to monsters.


Dart and company head to Vellweb with Lloyd to discover the true identity of the one calling himself Emperor Diaz. While traveling through the city Rose explains much about the old world.On the way to the throne room, the group comes across Shirley who asks for help releasing Kanzas, Belzac, Damia, and Syuveil, four of the dragoons that died during the Dragon Campaign.

They continue on to the throne room to discover that the man calling himself Diaz is actually Zieg, Dart's father. Zieg reveals that his true intentions for the Moon Objects are to create a new world by destroying the current. Feeling like a fool for being treated as a mere puppet, Lloyd charges in at Zieg and is quickly blown away, seemingly killed. Zieg continues and reveals his involvement in the Dragon Campaign, Rose's connection with the Black Monster, and Shana's ultimate destiny.

The Dragoon TowersEdit

After returning to Vellweb, Dart and company can free the souls of the first generation dragoons. Starting with Shirley's tower, which is the only way to access the others, the towers go clockwise so: Kanzas, Belzac, Zieg, Damia, Rose, Syuveil, and back to Shirley's. Since Zieg is still alive, his tower is not kept from erosion by the dragoon spirit like the four that are trapped there. Rose's is in similar decay since she is also alive. Because Shirley is not trapped there, her tower is also delapidated, though there is a carving that holds a stardust.


Item Location
Rose's Hairband
Rose's Hairband Chest
Attack Ball
Attack Ball Chest
Spirit Potion
Spirit Potion Chest


Item Shop Price
Healing Fog 30
Healing Breeze 50
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Charm Potion 4

Weapon Shop Price
Partisan 400
Heavy Mace 400
Giganto Armor 400
Energy Girdle 300
Giganto Ring 1000


Random encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP US Gold JAP Gold
Maximum Volt Thunder 700 700 156 51 17
Spring Hitter None 400 500 117 21 7
Succubus Darkness 484 550 130 42 14
Terminator None 432 540 143 31 10
Witch Light 360 450 104 34 12

Boss encounterEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP US Gold JAP Gold
Belzac Earth 16,200 25,000 6,000 300 300
Damia Water 10,200 14,000 6,000 300 300
Kanzas Thunder 14,400 18,000 6,000 300 300
Syuveil Wind 12,800 16,000 6,000 300 300


Found at the ruined altar inside Shirley's tower.

Vellweb stardust 1

The Dragoons' TowersEdit


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