Vampire Kiwi
Vampire Kiwi
Location Element
Prairie Darkness
US 13
JAP 20
8 US 9
Attack Defense Counter
5 80 No
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
7 120 70
Item dropped
Healing Potion (8%)

Vampire Kiwi is a Darkness-based opponent, which can be encountered in Prairie.

Appearance Edit

This small flightless bird(?) is yellow in color with blue feet. It has green eyes and big wings/ears just above the eye. There is a re-colored version of this enemy (Killer Bird) found in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity

Battle Edit

This opponent is relatively easy to defeat.

  • Quick Pick - The Vampire Kiwi runs up an pecks the target.
  • Blood Suck - The Vampire Kiwi rans up to the target and sucks its blood. This heals the Vampire Kiwi the same amount as the damage was caused.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Vampire Kiwi.

  • Vampire Kiwi
  • Vampire Kiwi x2
  • Vampire Kiwi + Mantis
  • Vampire Kiwi + Crescent Bee
  • Vampire Kiwi x2 + Mole


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