I just started LOD, its been a while (10years). SOoo I'm just soaring through the game using my memory of the game when I was just a kid, around disk 3 I found this wikia, and saw all the things I've missed like the Stardust. This bothered me, so 13 hours gone to waste, I started over and made sure I got all the Stardust. Keept all my Characters leveled up the hightest I could. 26 hours it took me to beat the game and it was amazing. The end made me so happy, but sad that it was over. I just wish there was a part two or something.

I still missed a few things so I started to play LOD again, but better, I'm on disk 2 and have 3 Ultimate Wargods, thats how well. I've been reading this wikia to find out more about the game before I move on. I noticed there are some missing pictures. So I'm on a treasure hunt to find the missing things and post them. I really hope my findings will help out others. 

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