• VvAnarchangelvV

    This may be a bit of a surprise if you expected a complaint from someone who feels they are disadvantaged by the points system. On the contrary, I am doing very well indeed on this wiki, at #3. That's what made me notice.

    I show up every once in a while, write something, and then leave. I have never worked HARD on this wiki. I have never contributed a single image to THIS particular wiki. I did some colored charts. Big woop.

    Now take, for example, User:The Platinum Shadow. He uploaded a zillion photos, and only has 40 points.

    One reason that stands out right away is that UPLOADERS of photos get NO POINTS AT ALL! That's right, zero points for uploading.

    But it also seems as though the points do not go up fast enough for the higher tiers of achiā€¦

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