I have been playing Legend Of Dragoon in PC for almost 9 months, but I still can't believe I am stuck in Chapter 1. It's so frustrating. I have to replay Disc 1, even though I have finished Disc 1 and almost started Disc 2, I was booted back to Disc 1 again.

This is what happened,

For the 1st time, I accidentally drop my laptop off the table and damaged the hard drive inside, then the memory deleted itself just like that.

For the 2nd time, after I completed disc 1 and moved on to disc 2, when I started the game next week, I found out that epsxe is malfunctioning and I can't play anymore, but I was lucky as I still get to keep my image files.

For the 3rd time, I played LOD on epsxe on my another computer, starting from the part after the Invasion of Hoax is over.

I may feel hopeless and dissapointed over it, but at least I still get to play LOD with a variety of styles. Suprisingly, Disc 1 is still an inunderestimatable challenge although I have replayed it a number of times. I apologise to some wiki readers for my sudden inactiveness in last few months because of these problems, but I can't gurantee it wouldn't happen again.

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