• Timdan Warrior

    Stuck in Chapter 1

    October 17, 2013 by Timdan Warrior

    I have been playing Legend Of Dragoon in PC for almost 9 months, but I still can't believe I am stuck in Chapter 1. It's so frustrating. I have to replay Disc 1, even though I have finished Disc 1 and almost started Disc 2, I was booted back to Disc 1 again.

    This is what happened,

    For the 1st time, I accidentally drop my laptop off the table and damaged the hard drive inside, then the memory deleted itself just like that.

    For the 2nd time, after I completed disc 1 and moved on to disc 2, when I started the game next week, I found out that epsxe is malfunctioning and I can't play anymore, but I was lucky as I still get to keep my image files.

    For the 3rd time, I played LOD on epsxe on my another computer, starting from the part after the Invasi…

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  • Timdan Warrior

    Well, as I have said, I have finished playing LOD since the end of december last year. I played LOD the 2nd time this year, almost reaching the end but still haven't defeat Melbu Frahma. Abandoning the save game in PS1, I downloaded epsxe and lots of other softwares just to once again insert my PS1 LOD disc on a different platform, and start a new game. It is tedious though to restart my LOD legacy in PC, with some epsxe lag and a more greater screen radiation. Of course, the graphic was fantastic, I can see detailed texture on Dart and Rose. However, the main purpose that I replayed LOD is to "duplicate" my saved data from PS1 into PC. Replaying PS1 the second time was easy, but replaying LOD in PC was slower and lagger, there were many p…

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