• Tarzandan


    September 7, 2013 by Tarzandan

    Legend of Dragoon TAS

    Author: Tarzandan


    • Type of Completion: 100%
    • Playstyle: Emulated and Tool-Assisted
    • Region: NTSC-U
    • Run: Multi-Segment & Single Segment


    • No random encounters (all if not most while excluding forced encounters )
    • Level 50± Miranda with ~300 Magic Attack by the end of the game 
    • Legend of Armor by disc 3 (see below)
    • Luck manipulation (boss drops) and Phantom Ship Chest Mini-Game manipulation (easy 5,000+ gold)
    • All 11 optional bosses defeated
    • Most (75% - 90%) bosses defeated under 5 magic attacks 
    • Final time: Sub 15 Hours

    Update as of July 18, 2014:

    The project is temporarily suspended for now as I'm preparing for some other LoD projects.

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