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  • I live in Indonesia
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  • ReDragoon Lucas

    Okay, before i tell everyone here about how much do i know about LOD maybe it's better if i introduce myself first. First off, of course my name is Lucas Alvin, i live and born in Jakarta, Indonesia. As i stated before i started playing PS when i was 6

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  • ReDragoon Lucas

    Dragoon teams

    August 8, 2010 by ReDragoon Lucas

    Dragoons first appear in the Dragon Campaign in 11.000 years ago. The Dragon Campaign which clashed between humans and winglies is the cause of the birth of Dragoons. They are actually humans who wielded the spirit of Dragons that used as sacrifice so humans can take their spirits and the spirits is crystalized and took form in a stone which looks like a colored gem. the only dragon that seen in the game had it spirit taken is the dark dragon by Rose. While winglies uses Virages and Super Virages as their secret weapon the humans uses Dragoons as their generals. Commanded by Emperor Diaz as the leader and supreme commander of human army, The Dragoons act as frontline officers and fighters. there are seven Dragoons who led the human army an…

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