So I'm doing alot of work on the enemies section of the wikia. I recently got into the game data for the enemies and have most of their stats to add, which will make a big difference in the quality of the monster pages (check my profile for list of re-works). But I'm working three jobs now and work on the wikia only when i have the time, which is at random intervals, in spurts and burst. Trying to re-work a page a day at least. Been re-writing the Queen Fury page, but as it's a much bigger entry i'm only able to do it in small modifications, so i'm re-writting the page in word and then can do it quickly and all at once.

In other news with the lack of free time my playthrough is going very slowly. I'm trying the mini-game on the phantom ship (determined to get the Ultimate Wargod) but have really bad luck on it. But that said i'm making a fair amount of gold, I fight several times going back and fourth between the ghosts and chest. Oh yeah, i finally uploaded an avatar, so YAY!

So all in all I'm doing well, and hope that what I'm doing is helpful.

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