Hello and welcome, I'd first like to speak on how although i've made my unofficial leave of absense i've continued regardless my work on the monster pages, and I'd like to inform any and all of what it is I have collected.

So first up, I've completed writting the intro paragraph / appearance / battle / drops sections for all monsters absent of one and even improved and corrected pre existing ones in need of such, as well I have some images to add to the gallery section for these monsters although not all since i've been unable to play the game lately. In other words, all monster pages will at least be completely filled with relevant yet an adequate quantity of information, no more lack of pages. Also note, i've worked on and fulfilled a great many armor pages too.

Following up on the aforementioned statement, i'd like to inform whomever that i've not added that information yet and it is not because I have forgotten about this site nor have I lost my ambition, simply i've been experiancing lung issues and in general chest related nuissances since my left lung had collapsed and so I wasn't capable of making edits lately.

Do not worry, it is not as dismal as it may sound, and as a result I shall continue to edit here in a few days when I get back to my PC. That machine is where I saved my copies for the monster and armor pages, ready to edit. I hope those edits are up to par and are stern enough for following requirements and so i'd like to see what is thought by all others here.