I said a few things on LoDFan's talk page about things regarding this wiki. I would highly suggest that we should not be listing out the story from chapter to chapter for each character. There should be a page that is dedicated to the story of the game. The character profiles should include their individual overall story, rather than what happens with them from chapter to chapter. It becomes redundent, time consuming, and confusing for someone who does not know much about the game and wants to know more. Think about it. If you just want to know the story, do you want to go through all the characters and get bits and pieces on each of them? Course not. You want to read the story page so that you get an idea of what happens and the main points are addressed. Character pages should include information regarding personality, stats (all forms), abilities (all forms), and an over arching story of their role. There should also be a spoiler section located at the bottom of the page. Flat out saying who the Black Monster is at the top, well, what if someone just wants to know the character before they invest time into them? They want to learn what they need to do, how they need to do it, and what they will get out of it. Top of the page has their personality, some info, and people will read it. Throwing a plot point that is revealed and not obvious is just not fair. Those key things should be at the bottom of the page and listed at the top in contents. That way, if someone wants to see spoilers, they can. There should be a strong focus on what a character does and possible ways to use them. However, saying for example, a characters additions are hard because they are fast, does not really help. On the other hand, if you say "________ has some difficult additions due to the speed and timing. Brutal counter attacks points in the additions also add to the difficulty." This achieves the purpose of informing without presenting this idea of "If you can't do these, you fail" or "Don't even bother, it is hard." What if someone has no problem with fast additions. Well, you have explained the difficulty comes from speed, someone can dissmiss the notion, or accept it.

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