Location Element
Limestone Cave Earth
280 400 50
Attack Defense Counter
10 80 no
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
10 60 50
Item dropped
Wargod's Amulet

Urobolus (ウロボス, Urobosu, "Uroboros"), or the Cave Guardian, is a giant snake that acts as the boss of the Limestone Cave.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Escape from HellenaEdit

When the player first encounters the creature, it emerges out of the rock and hisses at the heroes. Lavitz shouts that it is the "Guardian of the Cave" and combat commences.

After Urobolus is defeated, a cutscene shows that the snake is not truly slain, as it whips its head up and tries to kill Shana. She then uses her unknown abilities to shatter the creature, giving the first hints that she is not completely normal.

During BattleEdit

In combat, Urobolus is a giant segmented snake. Its element is Earth. During the fight it will periodically switch to a higher vantage point and uses poison endusing attacks.

  • Snake Strike: Urobolus attacks by lunging up and attacking the party member from above.
  • Viper Spit: Urobolus spits a shot of venom at an ally and will likely cause poison.
  • Rattle Poison: Urobolus shakes its head releasing poison from its frills, covering the team. It has the chance to cause poison.

When Urobolus moves up the the high level, the only person who can hit the snake regularly is Shana as she is the only one with a ranged weapon. Dart and Lavitz must use items or use Guard during this period. After a few turns, it will come back down to the ground.



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