Unique Monsters are enemies that appear rarely in specific areas, mainly on the world map, that are virtually unharmed by the party's attacks. They frequently run away and tend to confuse many players. Their attacks do 10% of the characters max HP, (a full guard) and can be hard to hit.

Defeating Unique Monsters Edit

Any special enemy can be taken out instantly with a Sachet. Sachets are found in various parts of the game and are a rare drop from Piggies in the Home of Gigantos. Other helpful items include: the Repeatable Item Magic Stone of Signet, which blocks the enemy's attacks for three turns; the Poison Needle, which does damage to an enemy every turn; and the Panic Bell, which confuses an enemy and may cause it to attack itself. The Magic Sig Stone is found in the Marshlands, between Hoax and Volcano Villude. Poison Needles and Panic Bells can be bought in Ulara.

Equipping armor and weapons that speed up the party and increase their hit rates improves the chance of success, as does choosing party members who are fast and accurate.

Name HP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drop  Damage
Location Notes
Yellow Bird 4 0 300 100 Elude Cloak Physical Road to Bale N/A
Cursed Jar 4 300 0 0 Night Raid Physical Between Nest of Dragon and Lohan Can use Physical Attack Barrier
00PARTS 4 0 600 200 Spirit Potion Physical Near Kazas and on the Moon Has "Can't Combat" Spell
Blue Bird 5 1,000 0 0 None Physical Between Home of Gigantos and Valley of Corrupted Gravity N/A
Treasure Jar 5 0 0 0 Ruby Ring Magical Between Undersea Cavern and Fueno Can use Magic Attack Barrier
Red Bird 5 0 1,000 300 Phoenix Plume Magical Road between Furni and Evergreen Forest. Also, road between Deningrad and Evergreen Forest can only be damaged by magic
Lucky Jar 6 1,000 300 100 Moon Serenade Magical Road between Death Frontier and Ulara and on the Moon Only vulnerable to Poison damage
Rainbow Bird 4 3,000 0 0 Rainbow Dress Magical Ship, between Fletz and Rouge, rarely between Death Frontier and Ulara Only vulnerable to Confusion damage

Notes Edit

  • It is recommended to save Sachets for the Rainbow Birds, but Sachets will kill any of these enemies. The Red Birds are also a good choice for the Phoenix Plumes and 1000G near Deningrad. The player can have three free Sachets by this point, two from Hellena Prison and one from the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. This can mean all party members are immune to Mental status effects before the Divine Dragon or Grand Jewel battles.
  • The Yellow Bird will likely be the first special enemy encounter.
  • Blue Bird encounter rate is high, maybe 9/10 times. It is worth spending the time to gain experience especially if you have the Magic Stone of Signet in your posession.
  • Talisman and Rose's Hairband will protect against 00PARTS' attack.
  • Lucky Jars are easily taken care of with Miranda's Virulent Arrow and the Magic Stone of Signet (and luck).
  • Rainbow Birds must be confused with Panic Bells if the player doesn't have a Sachet; however, the use of Miranda's Bemusing Arrow, or Dart's Mind Crush can make Rainbow Birds easier to defeat.
  • Using a Sachet on a Unique monsters results in a guaranteed 10 damage.
  • As for all Unique monsters, it is recommended you find the Speed up, Speed down, and Magic Stone of Signet repeatable items to help increase your odds of killing said monsters.

Triceratops Edit

See Moon That Never Sets

Triceratops is a regularly encounterable enemy, however, it gives an unusual 2,000 XP when it is defeated. It may be located within The Moon That Never Sets.

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