Prison Island 1

Undersea Cavern is a connection between the village Lidiera and Fueno it also has a third area which usually is flooded to protect both the village and city that leads to the Prison Island home of the Sea monster Regole.


Dart and company lower the flood gate in the Cavern in order to get to Prison Island where Lenus ran off to. They must traverse through a giant maze of caverns kinda like the bottom of Nest of Dragon. Only one way leads to Prison Island the others to treasure chests.


Name Element HP XP Gold
Flabby Troll Earth 550 84 30
Mermaid Water 400 77 33
Screw Shell Water 160 63 24
Glare Water 350 70 18
Sea Piranha Water 300 56 15
Mermaid Water 400 77 33


  • The Flood was meant to keep water in the path towards Prison Island even though when the cutscene happens where Regole roars and Meru shakes it looks like a whirlpool sucking water out.

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