Ugly Balloon
Ugly Balloon
Location Element
Limestone Cave Wind
US 36
JAP 45
10 US 9
Attack Defense Counter
7 70 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
7 200 60
Item dropped
Poison Guard (2%)

Ugly Balloon is a Wind-based monster that is encountered in the Limestone Cave. It is primarily found on the stone step area (first screen)

Appearance Edit

It resembles a big green balloon with big warts everywhere on its body. It has small arms and legs, and a stalk on its head.

Battle Edit

After battle, it can drop a Poison Guard.

  • Slam - The Ugly Balloon float forward and slams itself in the target
  • Poison Gas - The Ugly Balloon release a toxic cloud which has a chance to poison the target. This attack is magic based
  • Escape - The Ugly Balloon flees the battle

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Ugly Balloon.

  • Ugly Balloon
  • Ugly Balloon + Slime
  • Ugly Balloon + Orc x2
  • Ugly Balloon + Screaming Bat


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