Twin Castle

Twin Castle is the name of the castle found in Fletz, where King Zior and the princesses Lisa and Emille can be found. Dart and his friends visit the castle in the beginning of the second disc.


Second VisitEdit

After coming back from Donau with Meru, the group was on the quest to get King Zior's permission so that they can go past the guards guarding the gate of Valley of Corrupted Gravity and rescue Lynn. The group tried to convince the giant guard about their urgency but was denied to enter the Twin Castle even though Meru tried and failed to ram through. The group incidentally met Fester once again in the item shop, who was inspecting a telescope. Mr. Fester agreed to help them to get past the guard. With Fester on their side, the group managed to enter the castle. The group met King Zior who later granted them the permission to Valley of Corrupted Gravity after suspecting the imposture of Fester which faded shortly. The King also invited them for a banquet with him, Princess Emille and Princess Lisa that night. During the meal, Princess Emille behaved badly, even spoke impolitely to the guests and Fester, but King Zior still lauded her of her vividity in front of Dart, Meru , Shana, Albert , Haschel and Rose. The group begun to suspect that something was wrong with King Zior and Princess Emillie.

Later that night Princess Lisa told them that before this, she and Princess Emille once had a horseride. Princess Emille went missing in the woods but was later found by the guards. Princess Emille only suffered minor injury with her beauty intact but her habits had changed a lot since then. She told them Princess Emille was once loved by her people and even more demur and delicate than herself, her younger sister. Princess Lisa beseeched Dart and his friends to find out about the truth of her elder sister. The group dwelled in the castle for a night and then embarked on their journey to Valley of Corrupted Gravity the day after.

Third VisitEdit

The group went back to Fletz after Gehrich told them that the princess is fake before his death. The group decided to tell King Zior about it before the Moon Dagger can be handed down to her, but the ceremony had already begun. Twin Castle was infested by bandit-imposted Tiberoa Guards brought by Princess Emille to curb any interruption to the ceremony. The group sneaked through the fake guards and found Princess Lisa in her tower but still unable to break through the ceremony even with her on their side.

The group then went up to the tower of Princess Emille. The room inside was ransacked, but the large portrait of Princess Emille still remained. After touching the portrait, Dart, Albert, Shana, Rose and Princess Lisa were teleported to a magical space, leaving Meru, Haschel and Kongol outside. From they saw Princess Emille lying unconscious and Albert managed to awake her. After being told of what had happened, Princess Emille went with the group and disturbed the ceremony. The fake one revealed herself as Lenus, the flamboyant Wingly and fought Dart and his friends. Lenus fled the battle with Moon Dagger to the sea, the group had to chase her down later with Queen Fury from Donau. King Albert was also forced to reveal his position to King Zior.

Fourth VisitEdit

Although Lenus was defeated and the Moon Dagger was lost to Lloyd, the group had to return to Fletz to inform King Zior about it. However, King Zior longed for their return to celebrate their heroic acts by inviting the group to a party in the Twin Castle before they had to travel to Mille Seseau to find Lloyd. There is a romantic moment with Dart and Shana. Shana admitted that she loved Dart and Dart wanted to kiss Shana, but was interrupted twice by Lady's Maid Libria about the dresses and Fester respectively. Albert also began his relationship with Princess Emillie. During the night in the ballroom, Dart saw Shana in her new glittery gown. The chapter ended as Dart and Shana had their first romantic kiss.

Story OverviewEdit


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