Tricky Bat
Tricky Bat
Location Element
Nest of Dragon Wind
US 33
JAP 40
12 US 6
Attack Defense Counter
9 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
17 120 70
Item dropped
Mind Purifier (8%)

Tricky Bat is a wind-element based monster of which may be located within The Nest of Dragon.

Appearance Edit

This monster is a large bat of green skin with a grey underbelly. Hanging from below it, a lengthy tail with a three clawed open cylindrical tube from where it may attack. It is the stronger cousin to Screaming Bat. The change in color from blue / grey to green / grey is most undoubtedly due to the dragon's poison contaminating the forest of which these monsters inhabit.


Tricky Bat isn't a threatening monster and so it shouldn't be prioritised, however, it is a good chance to get your health back up. This is due to their very low damage dealing potential and inability to use spell items. They will most likely die in a single hit, and so they shouldn't even be capable of using their more potent ability, but even if they could it only deals slightly more damage to a single target with a chance of inflicting Confusion. Their magical defence is far lower, so if you used any spell item, you are guarenteed to obliterate them in one shot, especially if you use an earth-element based spell item since it would gain a elemental weakness bonus multiplier. All in all, they are probably the weakest monster in this location.

  • Wing Attack - Flies towards a single target, smacking them with its wing for very low physical damage.
  • Ultrasonic - Used the opening on the tip of its tail to shoot ultrasonic sound waves towards a single targtet, dealing low to medium physical damage and inflicted Confusion upon hit with a given probability.

Do note, this monster may evade your attacks with a given probability.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Tricky Bat.

  • Tricky Bat x2
  • Tricky Bat x2 + Mandrake


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the effect item Mind Purifier with a rare probability of 8%. This item can be bought for 20 Gold, however, in this location it may prove to be quite beneficial. And so, if you do not have some prepared within your inventory or you have used them all so far and do not wish to back track to purchase more, it can be a much welcome reward to obtain these during battle. The average time required to obtain this item is roughly 15 minutes. As always, this varies per person and their luck.


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