A training spot is a specific location in a game where players can train to gain experience and items by fighting monsters. There are several spots in The Legend of Dragoon where the player can gain experience, collect items and level up additions.

Chapter 1: Serdian War (Serdio)Edit

Volcano Villude (Magma Chamber)Edit

Here the player only encounter one monster: Magma Fish. This is not a very good place to train but a rather good place to loot because you get to loot Healing Potion often, which is essential for the two boss battle of which you are going to fight next.

  • Level suggested: 9 (Very Easy)
  • Encounter type: Instant, Fast (By standing below the jumping fish)
  • Loot (per monster):
    • Money: 6G (Average Sum: 12G)
    • Items: Healing Potion (Frequent)
  • Experience (per monster): 10 XP (Average Sum: 20 XP)
  • Monster: Magma Fish
  • Profit Level: Low

Nest of DragonEdit

Nest of Dragon is a good training spot for beginners as there is a Life Water which the players can use to heal themselves after they have fought enough monsters and are low at hitpoints. One of the monster, Lizard Man can use physical barrier which the player can take advantage of to level up addition. But the monster Mandrake can use water magic to deal high damage to allies (especially Dart and Lavitz) so be careful. Before attacking Greham, players can train here to level up their addition.

Shrine of ShirleyEdit

This is a very perfect place to train the characters' level because there are two healing spots (Dragoon Insignia), one healing spot after the party defeat Drake the Bandit or Dart turn the wheel mechanism. It is a bit challenging for beginners but once level is high enough the characters can easily defeat monster and train faster.

Black CastleEdit

This is a very unique place for combat training because the characters get to fight the sub-boss (Sandora Elite) which he respawns after Dart exit and reenter the Black Castle. The party can heal by talking to the researcher near the pole of White Light. After the monsters are defeated, they can only respawn by Dart exiting the area to the underground and climb up the stairs again. Once Emperor Doel is defeated, Dart can no longer have access to the area.

  • Level suggested: 15-17 (Medium)
  • Encounter type: Instant (About 9 encounter per training cycle)
  • Loot (per monster)
    • Money: 9-15G (Average Sum: 30G)
    • Items: Healing Potion, Burn Out, ?
  • Experience (per monster): 20-24 XP (Average Sum: 50 XP)
  • Monster: Knight of Sandora, Hell Hound, Sandora Elite (Single)
  • Profit Level: Medium

Chapter 2: The Platinum ShadowEdit

Valley of Corrupted GravityEdit

There is a glitch here where when Dart float on rocks to travel around places, it is still counted as Dart footsteps. This is an advantage because Dart can encounter monster very quickly, but it is also a disadvantage for Dart when he's traveling around places. There are rock fireflies where the party can heal themselves.

  • Level suggested: 17-20 (Medium)
  • Encounter type: Non-Instant (Fast if you step on floating rocks)
  • Loot (per monster)
  • Experience (per monster): 32-48 XP (Average Sum: 120 XP)
  • Monster: Roc (Wind Magic), Erupting Chick, Spider Urchin (Physical Barrier), Dragonfly (Single), Killer Bird
  • Profit Level: Medium

Home of GigantosEdit

This is an excellent training place because Dart and friends can train their addition and Dragoon Level (after obtaining Blue and Golden Dragoon Spirit for Meru and Gigantos). It gives the best loot and the best experience points in Disc 2 after Phantom Ship. If Dart loots a sachet, he can use it to kill Blue Bird in the route between Gigantos Home and Valley of Corrupted Gravity to gain 1000 EXP. There is a Rock Fireflies nearby which the party can heal there.

Phantom ShipEdit

Dart encounter monsters by walking through spirits. There is a minigame where Dart needs to unlock the chest by arranging the 3 correct number, but be careful, after a number of tries Dart will be surrounded by skeletons which Dart have defeat to escape the trap. The number changes every time Dart succeeds or uses up number of tries. Dart can loot Stun Guard (1st trial), Panic Guard (2nd Trial), Magic Ego Bell (3rd trial), Talisman (4th trial), Ultimate Wargod (5th trial), 100G (6th trial and above)

  • Level suggested: 20-24 (Hard)
  • Encounter type: Instant
  • Loot (per monster)
  • Experience (per monster): 48-72 XP (Average Sum: 180 XP)
  • Monster: Death (Can't Combat), Will-O-Wisp (Fast, Fire Magic), Skeleton, Magician Bogy (Sub-boss)
  • Profit Level: Excellent

Chapter 3: Fate & Soul Edit

Forbidden Land Edit

The area before the Boss Fight with Super Virage where there's a save point and a red glowing recovery point.

  • Experience (per monster): 72-108 XP (Average Sum: 210 XP)

Snowfield Edit

This is a good training place. There is one healing spot (the campfire).

Death Frontier Edit

The first area at the beginning of Disc 4.

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