Tower Flanvel

Tower of Flanvel

His beloved vehicle became his tomb. He should be satisfied with that.

-A Young Wingly (Ulara)

Tower of Flanvel, now half buried within a glacier, is a Wingly tower in Mille Seseau which was once both fortress and giant mobile war machine, capable of moving in aid of the five Wingly cities, and was used in the suppression and extermination of non-Winglies according to the orders of Melbu Frahma and his second in command, Faust.

Faust was Commander of the Tower of Flanvel when, like the cities of the Winglies, it floated in the sky. His magic was powerful enough that Frahma, fearing his disloyalty, created the Vanishing Stone to vanquish the apparitions Faust could summon; he has grown a little weaker over the years.

Faust's Tower was finally disabled by the Spear Shooter, a weapon designed by humans, based in Vellweb.

Uniquely designed with a maze of hollow spheres and linking them, tubes and glowing holes in the spheres that teleport to successive spheres. Lloyd, having gathered all three Divine Moon Objects, is prepared to fight to the death for the first and final time, at the top of the tower, wearing his new armor.

At the bottom of the tower is the Land of Taboo, which is a dilapidated section of tubes and crumbing pathways probably due to the bottom being damaged upon landing. Faust makes his home here where he plots becoming the new ruler of the world in an insane frenzy.


Description Location
Fatal Blizzard
Fatal Blizzard Chest
Black Rain
Black Rain Chest
Spirit Ring
Spirit Ring Chest
Mage Ring
Mage Ring Chest


In the first room of the Tower, monsters are encountered that are the same as in Kashua Glacier. The enemies Basilisk, Madman, and Metal Fang, only spawn in the rooms past Faust's hologram, which only can be dissolved with the Vanishing Stone which is the final reward for gathering all 50 Stardust, this also gives access to the optional boss Faust.

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Basilisk Earth


 820 150


Madman Earth


1,300 165


Metal Fang Thunder


820 135


Dragon Soldier Earth


610 180




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