Toad Stool
Location Element
Forbidden Lands / Kadessa Earth
US 128
JAP 160
72 US 18
Attack Defense Counter
45 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
64 120 80
Item dropped
Body Purifier (8%)

Toad Stool is an earth element creature of which is located within the Forbidden Land / Kadessa


This creature is of the Fungi kingdome, being completly comprimised as a mushroom. It has small arms and legs, and no face. It makes an odd sound when it hits you. This creature was most likely drawn towards this location due to the Dragon Block Staff being here either that or it grew in this location due to dense magical pressence.


Toad Stool is a relatively straight forward creature having only two attacks and probably not living long enough to show you it's second attack. It deals low to medium physical damage at best, can do low to medium magic damage with a half chance for Poison on hit, and can only target one opponent at a time. It's health is the lowest in all of the area and the defence of this creature is low enough to almost guarentee a 1-hit KO. 

  • Hop - Skips over towards a single target and hops into them dealing low to medium physical damage.
  • Sporing - Skips towards a single target releasing spores of which deal low magic damage and have a half chance to inflict Poison upon hit.

Do note that this creature is immune to Poison.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Toad Stool.

  • Toad Stool
  • Toad Stool + Puck
  • Toad Stool x2 + Gnome


This creature can drop the item Body Purifier with a rare probability of 8%. This item can be useful in this location due to creatures such as Gnome or especially Spinninghead. In general, it would be good to carry a few with you when you enter this location, but farming these items is not beneficial considering the time to get one is averagely 10-15 minutes. This varies per person and their luck, however. If obtained, it could very well save you from an unwanted situation.


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