This page used to list files with unfitting names. Users may request a fitting name to replace it. The main reason of this method is to make it easier to find images and other media files when searching the wiki.

Current file name Requested file name Progress
File:ImagesCANWL182.jpg File:Melbu Frahma (second form).jpg
File:EPSXe 2012-06-02 23-34-59-25.jpg File:Forest flashback.jpg
File:EPSXe 2012-06-04 19-09-20-94.jpg File:Prairie hut.jpg
File:EPSXe 2012-06-04 19-05-49-07.jpg File:Neet flashback.jpg
File:EPSXe 2012-06-04 18-27-02-82.jpg File:Confronting Fruegel in Hellena.jpg
File:EPSXe 2012-06-04 18-34-22-59.jpg File:Fruegel Rock Throw.jpg
File:EPSXe 2012-06-04 18-42-45-79.jpg File:Defeating Fruegel in Hellena.jpg
File:2wdn2af.jpg File:Kongol concept art.jpg
File:Cystal Golem.png File:Crystal Golem.png
File:Vanishing Stone.png File:Total Vanishing.png
[[:File:]] File:
[[:File:]] File:
[[:File:]] File:
[[:File:]] File:
[[:File:]] File:
[[:File:]] File:

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