The Legend of Dragoon Action Figures

All six action figures together on a poster.

The Legend of Dragoon Action Figures is a single set of 6 "smart move" action figures. Released around the same time as the game, each figure are sold separately and each stood on average, 6 inches. They were modeled after Lloyd, Dart, Rose, Lavitz, Shana, and Kongol.


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Included: Lloyd Action Figure, Detachable right hand, Detachable Dragon Buster, Detachable hair piece, Hood.

The Lloyd Figure came with the second most number of pieces and was the most customizable. Lloyd's right hand could be removed to place the Dragon Buster sword in and his hair could be removed to place the Hood to make him appear as the "Man in Hood".


Included: Dart Action Figure, Removable Broad Sword.


Included: Rose Action Figure, Removable Rapier.


Included: Lavitz Action Figure, Removable Spear.


Included: Shana Action Figure, Removable Short Bow, 4 Arrows, Quiver.

The Shana Figure had the most number of pieces of the set.


Included: Kongol Action Figure, Removable Axe.

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