Strong Man
Strong man
Location Element
Shrine of Shirley Earth
US 80
JAP 100
18 US 9
Attack Defense Counter
21 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
15 80 60
Item dropped
Fake Power Wrist (2%)

Strong Man is an earth element monster from which is located within the Shrine of Shirley


The Strong man is a humanoid creature carrying a large pillar in his right hand of which is his weapon. He wears a gladiator type outfit.


This creatures damage is low to medium at best with any of it's attacks, so it isn't a creature to worry about. What makes this creature even less of a threat is the fact that if hit, has a high chance to flee from the fight each turn thereafter. It can attack a single target physically with his pillar by smashing it down upon them or oddly enough it can choose between one of two fire spells, consisting of: Burn out for single targets or Gushing magma for multiple targets. Even these spells seem to have minimal damage done to the characters though so they should be no general threat.

  • Attack - Smashes a single target with stone pillar dealing low physical damage.
  • Burn out - Deals low fire damage to a single target.
  • Gushing magma - Deals low to medium fire damage to multiple targets.

Encounter rate: Common

Do note that fighting two of these guys at once is possible and that could pose a threat if you are underleveled or have bad gear because each turn could deal triple digit damage to your party.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Strong Man.

  • Strong Man
  • Strong Man + Gargoyle
  • Strong Man + Plague Rat x2
  • Strong Man + Living Statue x2


Strong man drops the Fake power wrist with a 1% probability. It is very rare and will most likely take an hour or so depending on your luck to recieve it. Considering you can buy this item for 100G and that it really isn't all that great to begin with, it's highly not worth trying to get here. If by chance you did happen to get it though, you may find that your own items would be more appropriate for battle anyways.


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