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Prologue Edit

In the beginning, the great deity and creator known as Soa planted a seed into the land of Endiness. The seed grew into the Divine Tree which bore 108 fruits that fell from the tree and created individual species which filled the once-barren land with bountiful life. The 97th fruit produced the towering, massive Gigantos; the 99th fruit formed the tiny Minintos; the 105th fruit created the formidable Dragons; the 106th fruit brought forth the passive, agrarian Humans; the magical flying Winglies became the 107th fruit. The final 108th fruit of the Divine Tree was known as the God of Destruction. The final fruit's body and soul were separated into the Moon That Never Sets and the Crystal Sphere respectively by the Winglies to keep the world in tact.

All species seemed to live in peace until Melbu Frahma, a Wingly who used the Crystal Sphere to obtain unlimited power, led a dictatorship rule over his species and in contrast to his older sister. He made countless Winglies believe their magic made them superior to all species and his Wingly faction conquered Endiness by destroying many of the other 106 species. Melbu Frahma also enslaved the humans for hundreds of years in the five magical Wingly cities: Deningrad, the Birth City; Aglis, the Magical City; Zenebatos, the Law City; Mayfil, the Death City; and Kadessa, the Royal Wingly Capital. These cities floated on clouds high in the air along with many Wingly fortresses such as Flanvel.

One day, the human monarch Diaz led the humans into rebellion against the Winglies. The war that resulted from this became known as the Dragon Campaign. Of the army, there were seven warriors known as Dragoons who obtained the power of Dragons through Dragoon spirits. With the strength of the seven warriors plus Dragons by their side, the human armies attacked the Wingly cities. In retaliation and fear, the Winglies harnessed the power of the mighty Virage. However, the power of the Virage were no match for the Dragons and the Red-Eye Dragoon leader killed Melbu Frahma in the final battle before sacrificing himself in a petrifaction spell. Due to Melbu Frahma's defeat, the God of Destruction's soul was released from his Crystal Sphere and wandered to a different child, making the transmigration every 108 years to try to find a way back to its original body. This Moon Child also led to the appearance of the Black Monster who sought to destroy each vessel. Many lives were lost during the Dragon Campaign including six of the seven Dragoons. 10,000 years later, the Dragoon spirits found new masters, starting a new chapter in the legend.

Chapter One: The Serdian War Edit

Main article: Story of The Serdian War

 The rustic village of Seles is invaded by a fierce army who burns the area and a young woman in white clothing is taken away by a Hooded Man. Meanwhile, a female warrior in dark violet armor stands on a cliff while overlooking the land. She spots the Green-Tusked Dragon Feyrbrand and quickly makes her way down towards the forest to stop him. In a different part of the forest, a male warrior named Dart is sitting on a stump reading a bulletin and pondering about the current war. He suddenly hears a loud crash and comes across two riding soldiers who question Dart about his alignment with Serdio or Sandora. They are all interrupted however by Feyrbrand causing the two soldiers to flee and leave Dart to fend for himself. Dart attempts to run away and is nearly killed before the female warrior grabs him and hides behind a large rock. After Feyrbrand leaves, she informs Dart about the tragedy in Seles. Since this is his hometown, Dart immediately leaves. Then the female warrior takes out a mysterious stone which begins to glow brightly. 

When Dart arrives to Seles, he is informed on the recent happenings and protects his village from any further destruction by the remaining soldiers. Dart then learns that his childhood friend was kidnapped and races through the nostalgic forest towards Hellena where she is being held captive. Making his way through the maze-like prison, he comes across another warrior named Lavitz who is the head of the First Knighthood in Serdio. After a quick fight, they find out they are on the same side and join forces to rescue Shana and escape Hellena. The two eventually reach Shana's prison and free her. On the way out, and to Dart's chagrin, she grabs a bow and joins Dart and Lavitz in the fight. Before they can escape Hellena, they meet Fruegel, the malicious commander and the man responsible for the destruction of Seles. After they escape, they find out that the road to Seles has been cut off by warriors from Hellena. Having no other choice, the trio prepares to make their way to Bale, Lavitz's hometown. Along the way, Lavitz' leg gets injured by a Sandora Soldier's arrow. After the party barely escape, they find refuge in an old shack. While Shana tends to Lavitz' leg, Dart reflects on his rough childhood in his original hometown Neet and shows the two his father's stone which he grabbed after everyone else in Neet was killed by the Black Monster. Before they reach Bale, the party passes through the Limestone Cave. Before leaving the cave, the party encounters a giant snake. Thinking the monster is defeated, the party walks away before the monster attempts one last attack. However Shana then releases a powerful and mysterious light aura which kills the monster. Shana along with Dart and Lavitz are confused by this power, but decide to ignore it for the time being. 

Once the party finally arrives in Bale, they head to the castle and speak to the King of Basil, Albert. Since Albert and Lavitz are old friends, the party is easily welcomed and one of Albert's top advisors shares the history of the Dragon Campaign. After Dart and Shana discuss the former's plans with the Black Monster, the kingdom receives disturbing news that the nearby fortress of Hoax is expecting a Sandora attack and needs reinforcements. Lavitz, Dart, and Shana agree to help defend Hoax. Before they leave Bale however, the group stops at Lavitz's mother's house to pay her a visit. Shana helps Lavitz's mother prepare a meal for the journey while Lavitz takes Dart on a tour of the giant house. After talking about Lavitz' childhood on the roof, they head back down to spend the rest of their time eating and conversing about current and past events.

In Hoax, the three are informed of the current situation. Dart and Lavitz agree to guard on night shift, only to be attacked by the Sandora Imperial Army led by the last Giganto Kongol. Dart and Lavitz put up a fierce fight against Kongol but almost loses severely. As Kongol moves in for the last strike, a streak of violet light comes down from the sky. The light reveals the female warrior who saved Dart from Feyrbrand. With a shout, she awakens Dart's father's stone which is revealed to be a Dragoon spirit. With his new power, Dart easily overcomes the massive Giganto before becoming exhausted and faints into the night. In the morning, Dart wakes up to Shana, Lavitz, and the female warrior whose name is Rose. They all explain to Dart what previously happened and Rose teaches him the way of fighting among the Dragoons. After he finishes his brief training as a Dragoon, Rose joins the party and the four makes their way to the Marshlands, hoping to get to the Dragon's Nest and defeat Feyrbrand.

Chapter Two: Platinum Shadow Edit

Main article: Story of Platinum Shadow

Chapter Three: Fate and Soul Edit

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Chapter Four: Moon and Fate Edit

Main article: Story of Moon and Fate

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