Stones are accessories that are imbued with elemental protective power. They are named after their respective Dragoons with the same element. They have the power to halve the elemental damage (magic) dealt by enemies which has the same element as the stone. Stones is only obtainable one-time throughout the whole game and cannot be found again once it is discarded.

Although it looks more perfect for the characters to equip the stones with the same type of element (e.g, Silver Stone for Shana), it is recommended that the characters with the opposing element (e.g. Rose) equip stones so that it will be effective in battle.

Name Usage Obtained Recommended user
Blue Sea Stone Damage from water-based attacks reduced by 50% Damia Dart
Darkness Stone Damage from darkness-based attacks reduced by 50% Kamuy Shana/Miranda
Golden Stone Damage from earth-based attacks reduced by 50% Belzac Albert/Lavitz
Jade Stone Damage from wind-based attacks reduced by 50% Syuveil Kongol
Red-Eyed Stone Damage from fire-based attacks reduced by 50% Fire Bird Meru
Silver Stone Damage from light-based attacks reduced by 50% Shirley Rose
Violet Stone Damage from thunder-based attacks reduced by 50% Kanzas Haschel (No opposing element)

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