Stinger pic
Location Element
Barrens Wind
US 64
JAP 80
38 US 12
Attack Defense Counter
31 70 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
31 120 70
Item dropped
Body Purifier (8%)

Stinger is a wind element monster of which can be located within  the Barrens.


Stinger appear as very large bee with purple stripped yellow skin and a large stinger under them. They are the stronger cousing to the Crescent Bee, especially considering unlike it's counterpart, it has a chance to inflict poison on a party member on hit.


The Stinger will be a very annoying creature if you do not take it out immediatly or if there are multiple of them. They aren't too quick so you should be able to attack first, however, if for some reason you can't kill one in a hit or there is another and they hit you, most undoubtedly you will be infected with poison. So unless you have room for some body purifiers in your inventory than prepare for near poison on hit physical attacks. It's damage is actually pretty low, it's health and defence are low enough that 1 hit should be enough to vanquish one, if not then two. So really, poison is the only problem with this creature. Some people don't use their dragoon forms to remove status ailments although if you have no body purifiers than this would be your safest way to not die most likely. Usually they are fought alone, paired up as two Stingers, one with a frilled lizard, or one with an Arrow shooter.

  • Attack - Flies towards a single target and stings them, has a 50% chance to poison on hit.

Note that this creature is the only one within the Barrens that is wind-based.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Stinger.

  • Stinger
  • Stinger + Frilled Lizard
  • Stinger x2 + Frilled Lizard


Ironically this creature can drop Body Purifiers with an uncommon chance of 15%. It's ironic because this creature can poison you and drop this item to remove poison yet most likely won't. Your best bet is simply buying a few of these before entering here for 10G each just to be safe. You could also go into dragoon form. It's not a drop worth trying to get.


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