Location Element
Forbidden Land / Kadessa None
US 384
JAP 480
99 US 30
JAP 10
Attack Defense Counter
45 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
64 160 60
Item dropped
Mind Purifier (8%)

Spinninghead is a non-element based creature of which may be located within the Forbidden Land, Kadessa.


This creature has a very unique type design of which is solely reserved within The Legend of Dragoon. It has a far stronger cousin of which resembles the same type of being, however, with some fairly dramatic changes, otherwise known as Roulette Face. It resembles some sort of floating, spherical, purple fur / scale looking body that hangs down at the bottom as if being melted with some rod like objects sticking outwards from above it's head dangling lines made of the same material that is it's skin. On it's body contains 4 masks representing different facial expressions: Sadness, Pleasure, Joy, and Anger. The rods on it's head are similar to the propeler of a helecopter, which is probably the reason it can float.


This creature is a very frustrating opponent to all who cannot kill it quickly. If you have low Additions or are underleveled or even perhaps bad gear equipped, than these will annoying. The fight continues to get more difficult as it goes on so high additions or Repeat Items can be useful in a swift take down. They can inflict upon a single target one of three status ailments at a time so try to watch out. If you are Dispirited and can't gain SP, that could prevent you from using Dragoon form to either save yourself in a battle with these, or for the upcoming bosses. Fear and Bewitchment aren't as bad individually, however if a bewitched ally attacks a feared ally, that could be game over fairly quick. Do not let this creature live long enough to inflict many ailments and it should be fine, infact standard level or beyond characters, or high addition using characters can defeat these in a single hit or 2 at most. It's magic defence is quite high and deals little damage to these if hit with such an attack so try sticking with physical attacks. Bringing Mind Purifiers and / or equipping Pheonix Plumes are recommended if having difficulty.

  • Joy - Inflicts Bewitchment upon a single target.
  • Sorrow - Inflicts Dispirit upon a single target.
  • Anger - Inflicts Fear upon a single target.
  • Pleasure - Deals medium non elemental magic damage upon a single target.

Also note, although it has four heads and three of which are reserved for status ailments, there is the possibility that maybe the creators intended for this creatures fourth head to inflict Confusion upon hit rather than Pleasure, dealing magic damage. It is assumed due to it having four heads and that Mind Purifier cleanses all four: Fear, Bewitchment, Dispirit, and Confusion. So possibly, if that was their intention, they felt that this creature would become either too annoying or not be able to deal enough damage before it's defeat.

Encounter rate: Only in the room with the five red switches until all are activated.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Spinninghead.

  • Spinninghead
  • Spinninghead + Puck x2


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the effect item Mind Purifier with a rare probability of 8%. The item is dropped ironically considering that this enemy can deal 3 of the four status ailments this item removes in it's attack set. The downside is that this item drops fairly uncommon, and takes averagely at this percentage 10 minutes or more of solid grinding to obtain. Granted, the item isn't all too needed excluding this sole exception: you still don't want to have to leave all of Kadessa and travel to a store and return, but the drop is bad, so the best bet is to arrive with a few if needed.


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