Spider Urchin
Spider Urchin
Location Element
Valley of Corrupted Gravity Thunder
US 100
JAP 150
40 US 18
Attack Defense Counter
31 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
31 30 60
Item dropped
Poison Needle (8%)

Spider Urchin is a thunder element creature of which is located within Valley of Corrupted Gravity

Appearance Edit

The Spider Urchin has four spindly legs supporting a green eyeball. It is purple in color, possibly to represent it's thunder element. Resembling a very odd spider, hence the name.

Cousins to this enemy would consist of the Icicle Ball . A more powerful yet multi colored form of this creature from disc 3 with the water element.

Battle Edit

Spider Urchin is great for leveling your Additions, probably the best creature for all discs other than it's cousin creature due to them being capable of using Physical attack barrier. What sets them apart from other creatures that can do it such as Lizard Man is that they basically spam it, so they are almost always immune. That goes for both Spider Urchin and Icicle Ball. You could grind your additions to 99 quite easily with these and quickly without worry of their damage because both variations do medium to low physical damage.

  • Head Swing - The spider urchin runs up to the target and swings it head, hitting the target for minor damage.
  • Physical Attack Barrier - The Spider Urchin raises a barrier that causes all physical damage to be negated.

Note that you can fight up to two Spider Urchin's at once on occasion.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Spider Urchin.

  • Spider Urchin
  • Spider Urchin + Roc
  • Spider Urchin + Killer Bird x2
  • Spider Urchin + Erupting Chick x2


It has the very rare probability of 8% to drop a Poison Needle. These needles are only dropped by two creatures in the entire game including this one and bought only late in the final disc, so if you want an item for poisoning your opponents with than try and get them. With an 8% chance, it will still take a dozen minutes, maybe up to two dozen if you are unlucky, but you find these Spider Urchins quite frequently and sometimes in groups, so it should be fairly easy to get. Once again, it varies per person and their luck. 


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