The beginning of the world was a blackness, an absolute nothingness. The Creator Soa sowed a seed to the earth. This is the plan of Soa, that created all species. The birth of the Divine Tree... Eventually, the fruit of the Divine Tree ripened and fell to the ground to fill the world with life.



The Divine Tree.

Gigantos from the 97th fruit. Minintos from the 99th fruit. Dragons from the 105th fruit. Humans from the 106th fruit. Winglies with magic power from the 107th fruit...and at the end, the Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction was to be born from the 108th fruit. Soa desired the destruction and regeneration of the world by the Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction. However, 11,000 years ago, Winglies found out the tragedy waiting for them, and sealed the 108th fruit by separating the flesh and soul.

The flesh of the god, the flesh of the Virage Embryo was taken away from the Winglies as the Moon That Never Sets that glows in the sky. And the soul of the god was captured in the Crystal Sphere and Melbu Frahma kept it. They would then draw unlimited magic power from that which they would use to conquer the other creatures.

Humans destroyed the Crystal Sphere, which was the container of the soul along with the royal capital Kadessa. The Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction was exultant. It could now be born. The free soul released from the Crystal Sphere started to wander. In order to go back to the body left in the Moon That Never Sets, to be born as the last god, and to destroy the world. The soul without a body possesses a human body and heads for the Moon That Never Sets, by repeating the transmigration every 108 years.

The soul of the God of Destruction is the Moon Child. The truth of the Moon Child in the legend. "Count 108 years and when the Moon That Never Sets glares in red, the Moon Child descends to the earth and shall give a holy blessing to the world." The "Holy blessing" is the destruction. The destruction is Soa's will. 

But, there was one Dragoon who found out about it. In order to deter the birth of the God of Destruction, she has had to kill the Moon Children. By stopping her own time. She was even called a demon. That is the true self of Rose, secretly The Black Monster.

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