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Snow Fields 1

Snowfield is a place in disc 3. The optional Fort Magrad area with its optional Polter Armor boss is accessed from here.


Lloyd revealed Melbu Frahma's plans to the party here, in a cave where they could rest. Rose objected to his assertion that the Moon Child would bring peace to the world, but she would not elaborate. The truth would only be revealed later.

Slide Mini-GameEdit

To acquire the Dancer's Ring and Magic Shield one must slide down the cliff and hit the appropriate action icons to stop themselves in front of the chests. To get to the chest with the Dancer's Ring, you should slide down to the left side (character's left as he's facing the cliff edge) of the warning sign and press the X-button at the second and fourth Action Icons. For the Magic Shield, you slide down the right side (character's right as he's facing the cliff edge) of the warning sign and press the X-button at the first, third & fourth Action Icons.


Item Location
Burn Out
Burn Out Chest
Burning Wave
Burning Wave Chest
Gushing Magma
Gushing Magma Chest Snowfield
Dancer's Ring
Magic Shield


Name Element HP US HP JAP XP US Gold JAP Gold Drops
Bowling None 400 500 132 42 14 Attack Ball (8%)
Mr Bone Darkness 450 440 108 30 10 Bastard Sword (2%)
White Ape Earth 500 600 144 51 17 Healing Potion (8%)
Wildman Thunder 720 900 120 36 12 Giganto's Ring (2%)
Windy Weasel Wind 320 400 96 31 7 Rave Twister (8%)

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