The Signet Spheres are five magical seals created by Charle Frahma to seal the body of the God of Destruction and weaken her brother Melbu Frahma's power received from the Crystal Sphere. The signet spheres were housed and protected in the five major Wingly cities. When Melbu Frahma discovered what his sister had done, he created the Divine Moon Objects, so that he may break the signet spheres whenever he wished. They appear as shining spheres of light and are held in place by two or three prongs.

Signet Spheres and Their LocationsEdit

  1. Forbidden Land, Kadessa - The sphere was destroyed at the climax of the Dragon Campaign, when Zieg impaled Melbu and the two fell into the sphere, destroying it.
  2. Birth City Crystal Palace - The sphere was destroyed by an attack from the Divine Dragon during Dart's time. By then, the room which housed the sphere was known as a chamber for a special ceremony used to seal something over 10,000 years ago. The power from this signet drew Shana there, like the call of the Virage, and upset her soul enough to lose the power of the White Silver Dragoon Spirit.
  3. Magic City Aglis - The sphere was destroyed along with Moot when the latter reacted to the energy field generated by the dragoons during their battle with the Last Kraken, a guardian to the sphere that was taken over by Zieg. Not needing it anymore, Zieg breaks the Moon Mirror.
  4. Law City Zenebatos - The sphere was drained and destroyed by Zieg using the Moon Dagger before Dart and his comrades could reach it.
  5. Death City Mayfil - The final sphere was destroyed by Zieg using a Divine Moon Object, presumably the Moon Gem.


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