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This is a list of optional quests throughout the game. Some quests require specific characters to join or leave, while others can only be cleared on specific discs. Each quest gives some kind of reward, everything from a short cutscene to some useful equipment.

Name Location Description Reward
Catch the Rabbit Limestone Cave Chase down the rabbit-like animal. Poison Guard
Lavitz's Painting Bale Talk to the painter. Lavitz's Picture
Save the Seventh Fort Marshlands Go to the fort and defeat the Sandorans. Wargod's Amulet, Lance
Find Kongol's Dragoon Spirit Lohan Buy from the merchant who sold you the water bottle after getting Kongol in your party. Kongol's Dragoon Spirit
Lynn and Kate's Wedding Donau Go to Donau immediately following Lynn's release. Kate's Bouquet
Locked Chest Phantom Ship Get four numbers from the crew members' ghosts. Then use a combination of them to open the locked chest.  Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Magic Ego Bell, Talisman, Ultimate Wargod, 100G
Kamuy Evergreen Forest Find and defeat Kamuy. Darkness Stone, 500G
Polter Armor Fort Magrad Head left from the sign near the (Vellweb) exit of Kashua Glacier. Then get to the end of Fort Magrad to fight Polter Armor. Soul Eater, Smoke Ball
Dead Dragoons Vellweb Go to four towers and battle each dragoon on Disc 4. Respective Dragoon Stones
Magician Faust Tower of Flanvel Give Martel all 50 stardust to acquire the Vanishing Stone. Then confront Faust at the Tower of Flanvel. Phantom Shield
Three Dragon Spirits Mayfil

Kill all three dragon spirits on the way to the moon. Note: The spirits will no longer appear once Zackwell is defeated.

Destone Amulet