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This is a list of optional quests throughout the game. Some quests require specific characters to join or leave, while others can only be cleared on specific discs. Each quest gives some kind of reward, everything from a short cutscene to some useful equipment.

Name Location Description Reward
Catch the Rabbit Limestone Cave Chase down the Rabbit-looking animal Poison Guard
Lavitz Painting Bale Talk to the painter girl Painting of Lavitz
Save the 7th Fort Marshlands Move past the canoe and eliminate all enemies Experience and Gold
Monster Contest game Lohan Win the contest after the Battle Arena Free Tickets
Find Kongol's Dragoon Spirit Lohan Buy from the guy that sold you the Water Bottle after getting Kongol in Party Kongol's Dragoon Spirit
Shana's Parents Seles Go to Seles and talk to Shana's folks on Disc 2 Good vibrations
Lynn's Wedding Donau Go to Donau immediately following Lynn's release Kate's Bouquet
The Vegetable Julian Queen Fury Chop fast! 1 Gold
Kill Teo's Wolf Evergreen Forest Find wolf and chase him to the NW Gold reward
Fight Ghost Vellweb Look for ghost past the snow slide Nice sword for Dart
Talk to Nello, Lisa, Emille Fletz Talk to Nello, Lisa, Emille on Disc 4 Good vibrations
Shana's Parents 2 Seles Return to Seles when Shana's no longer in party Sad vibrations
Dead Dragoons Vellweb Go to the four towers and battle each Dragoon on Disc 4 Respective Dragoon Stones
Faust Tower of Flanvel Battle Faust after receiving Vanishing Stone Phantom Shield
Three Dragon Spirits Mayfil Kill all three Dragon Spirits on the way to the Moon Destone Amulet

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