Shadow Cutter
Price 200 G
Attack 24
Effect Adds darkness damage to attacks
Buy Fletz
User Rose

Shadow Cutter is a rapier of which only Rose can use. It can be bought from the weapons store in Fletz for 200 gold. This weapon cannot be found in any chests or obtained by defeating enemies, and also is the only elemental weapon of which Rose will ever receive, dealing darkness element damage.

This weapon, although is good, come third disc when better weapons are found, it shall cease to be useful even with it's elemental bonus. In fact you may stop using this after only the first half of the second disc once you arrive at Phantom Ship and can find the Dancing Dagger, or come third disc when you arrive at Furni and can purchase it you would most undoubtedly stop using the Shadow Cutter if you still were up to then. So although it will have limited use, the time with it should be beneficial.