Serdio Region is located in eastern Endines and is rich in resources, so that it has a variety of cultural exchanges.

-In-game material

Serdio is the main country in the first chapter of Dart's adventure, for it is the setting of a cruel civil war that divided the country in two: the Kingdom of Basil (North of Serdio) ruled by the kind and honest King Albert and the Empire of Sandora (South of Serdio) led by the cruel and ruthless Emperor Doel.

Basil Edit

Located in the north of Serdio, Basil is a quiet, peaceful region with Hoax and the Seventh Fort in the Marshlands serving as the front lines of the region. Basil also includes the little town of Seles in the south east of Serdio. The capital of Basil is Bale, which houses the residence of His Majesty King Albert , Indels Castle. Minister Noish is left responsible for the day-to-day activities of Basil in the aftermath of the civil war as King Albert leaves to fulfill his duties as a Dragoon.

Sandora Edit

Located in the South, Sandora is a powerful and ruthless region that seeks to conquer all of Serdio. The Empire of Sandora is home to the hell-on-earth jail known as Hellena Prison as well as the Black Castle in Kazas where Emperor Doel resides. Once the war is over, the Great Commander takes over Kazas as its mayor.