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Seles (セレスの村, Seresu no Mura, "Village of Celes") is the second hometown of Dart and where he and Shana grew up. Thirteen years later Dart leaves to take revenge on the Black Monster and is gone for three years. When he returns, Seles is nearly destroyed, burned to the ground, and most of the townspeople dead.

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Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

The Return Home Edit

The second home of both Shana and Dart, in which they both grew up. Burned to the ground by Freugel and his minions, who considered this diversion a bonus they deserved for kidnapping Shana.

When Dart first makes it back, he finds two Sandoran troops beating an old person and stops them. Finished with the soldier he goes to the old person who begins talking about Shana and why Seles was attacked. Before he can tell Dart anymore, he dies.

Seles 2

Dart moves on to a burned down house where his friend Plos is lying face down. He helps Plos to the house and tries to find out what happened to the town. Plos reveals that the Shana was the primary purpose of the raid and was taken somewhere. Out of nowhere a Sandoran Commander and two soldiers come confronting Dart. The commander explains that Shana was taken to Hellena Prison but Dart won't follow her to Hellena but "to hell" and a fight ensues.

Death And Fate Edit

The Dragoons return to Seles after the death of Lavitz. After a conversation, the Dragoons decide to go to Kazas to confront Emperor Doel.


  • Healing Potion
  • Burn Out


Name Element HP XP Gold
Knight of Sandora Fire 5 2 3
Commander Dark 14 24 26


On one of the grave stones in front of the tree. Seles stardust 1

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  • After the Serdian war, if you visit the town after obtaining Shana's Dragoon, a scene will take place.
  • If you come back during Disc 2, you will see a scene where Shana's adoptive parents (the mayor and his wife) come back to town and Shana reunites with them.
  • If you come back to Seles after Shana is replaced by Miranda, one final scene will take place between Shana's adoptive parents and Dart.