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Location Element
Law City, Zenebatos Darkness
US 6,400
JAP 8,000
12000 (with Vector and Selebus) 300 (with Vector and Selebus)
Attack Defense Counter
80 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
120 180 60
Item dropped

Selebus (セレブ, Serebu) is one of the three executioners faced at Zenebatos. She is fought along side Vector and Kubila.


Dart and his fellow Dragoons venture throughout the various bureaucratic systems of Zenebatos. Shortly before reaching their goal, Judge Nomos, controlled by Zieg, sentences the party to death by the three winged executioners: Kubila, Selebus, and Vector.


Selebus is the support type of the 3 executioners and she will be slightly troublesome due to her abilities. Selebus has a variety of attacks:

  • Attack: Selebus uses tentacles that grab and pull one party member and kick the party member backward
  • Heal Smack: Selebus flies up in the air between the other executioners and heals them for a decent amount
  • Hell pool: a light comes down from the sky and lands in the middle of the party, zombie-like hands will appear and the outside edge of the red pool goes upward and collapses inward damaging all party members
  • Petrification: Selebus blows a white gas that would petrify one party member (she may only do this when all of the executioners get hit all at once)
  • Music Note: Selebus sings an eerie tune that would hit all party members and cause confusion.
  • Kiss: If Vector is with Selebus, she would go over and kiss Vector on the cheek which causes Vector to grow to a massive size.

She is recommended to be either 1st or 2nd to be killed due to her ability of healing the other executioners. With a couple of her abilities, being a dragoon is important.


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