Sea Piranha
Sea Pirahna
Location Element
Undersea Cavern Water
US 280
JAP 350
56 US 15
Attack Defense Counter
40 60 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
50 100 80
Item dropped
Spear Frost (8%)

Sea Piranha is a water element creature of which can be located within the Undersea Cavern.


This creature resembles a larger version of a piranha, with a green body and much larger teeth.


Sea Piranha evades attacks quite commonly. These creatures deal low physical damage, however, make up for it in numbers. You should be able to kill them in a single hit, but if not then prepare for one of two water element spell items. Each of which do not prove to do more than medium damage unless Dart is hit, than it can do high damage, up to even half his health depending on your level and items. Otherwise, they shouldn't pose much of a threat.

  • Flop Splash - Swims towards a single target and smacks them dealing low physical damage.
  • Spear Frost - Deals medium water element damage towards a single target.
  • Fatal Blizzard - Deals medium water element damage towards all targets.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Sea Piranha.

  • Sea Piranha
  • Sea Piranha x2 + Mermaid
  • Sea Piranha x3


This creature can drop the spell item Spear Frost with a rare probability of 8%. This spell item deals fairly good damage and is in general ok, however, it serves no use in that location due to nearly all creatures there being water element and even in most of the second or third disc there is a lack of water weak creatures. You may also purchase the spell in select areas for 10 gold. This item for it's rarity is not worth farming regardless of the reason, considering the time to obtain averages at half an hour or longer. This varies from person to person and their luck.


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