Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon
Location Element
Marshlands Fire
US 33
JAP 45
14 US 9
Attack Defense Counter
9 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
13 120 70
Item dropped
Burn Out (10%)

Sea Dragon is a small looking creature which despite its name it is actually Fire based. It can be found in the Marshlands.

Appearance Edit

This small dragon looks like a sea horse to some degree, but with two large antenna on it's head and a small yellow flame on its tail. It should be noted that there is a stronger recolored version of the sea dragon called the Mega Sea Dragon.

Battle Edit

The sea dragon has a chance to evade attacks.

  • Flame Tail - The Sea Dragon "swims" up to the target and slaps them with its burning tail.
  • Burn Out - The Sea Dragon uses a move that has the same effect as a burn out.

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