Scale Armor
User Dart, Lavitz, Albert
Purchasable Yes
Price 50 Gold
Defense 8
Effects N/A
Drops N/A
Location Initial

Scale Armor is the initial armor equipped by Lavitz, as well it is equippable by Dart, Lavitz, and Albert. This armor is purchasable. It is considerably superior to its predecessors such as Leather Armor. It is highly recommended to equip this armor upon being available.

How to obtainEdit

There are two methods in obtaining this specific armor, the first being the easiest. This is to play the game until Sir Lavitz joins your party. He is defaultly equipped in Scale Armor and so you will obtain one, however, it is probably best to leave it on him until you can at least purchase another.

The second method of obtaining this armor is by entering The Capital City, Bale and head towards the equipment shop. The shop vendor will sell this armor indefinitely for 50 Gold each. It is worth purchasing if you have yet to have already given Dart a n equal to or superior armor.


This armor will be more adequate for combat with its elevated stats. Although it lacks an ability or effect, being far more durable proves to take the upper toll. Do note, as well that both the defense and magical defense are equal, and so it will not be more vulnerable to a specific form of attack.


Description Location
The equipment vendor's wares within the city of Bale.
Scale Armor in Bale Equipment Shop

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